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stretched america's frontiers to the pacific ocean. back to the battle of trenton for a moment. as i said, monroe didn't cross the delaware on the same boat as washington. he crossed earlier with a squad that landed on the jersey shore to the north of trenton and circled behind the town while washington landed with his troops on the riverside below the town. now what makes trenton so important is that the british had almost won the war by christmas of 1776. their troops had overrun on the island, new york, westchester and most of new jersey. thousands of american troops had deserted and the british had chased the remnants of washington's army across new jersey over the delaware and in to pennsylvania. white coats were in sight of the american capital. congress had fled to baltimore and began debating terms of could the chelation -- capitulation. unless washington could come up with a miracle, and he chose a young college student, lieutenant james monroe, to help me cut miracle happen. they all crossed the delaware during a blinding snowstorm on christmas night only six months after we had
prize winning columnist and best selling author tom friedman. >> what worries me about america today, charlie, is that we are produces suboptimal solutions to all our big problems. whether it is called health care. whether it's called financial regulation, whether it's call debt, whether it's called energy and climate. where asa because it has an authoritarian system run by engineers, not lawyers, can actually order through awe tore -- author toreian means in many case morse optimal solutions. >> rose: we turn to the middle east with two respected experts and authors eugene rogan and stephen cohen. >> people in the arab world who have continued to really hope to see a new dawn where they might take command of their own future and what not are finding themselves more powerless than ever. and there's a deep sense of malaise particularly after the war in iraq. that really has been radicalizing politics. making people feel like they could actually make a difference with the ballot. >> the united states needs to say to the world we have to solve the problem of our continuing confrontation
answers on the board. name something ms. nude america might wear during a tv interview. brian. >> a bikini. john: a bikini. they'll have to show a modicum of taste. a bikini. it's up there, but it's not number one. amy? >> her tiara -- a crown. john: her tiara, of course. her tiara. there you go. [cheers] john: number one. pass or play? >> play. we'll play. john: they're playing. they'll play, all right. brian, head back. [cheers] john: oh, i can just -- i can hear the weeping and gnashing of teeth. the sedrak family wanted this question. [laughter] john: the angst. it belongs to you. dianne, something that ms. nude america might wear during a tv interview. >> how about her sash? john: her sash. >> good answer. john: a delicately placed sash. there it is. [cheers] john: all right, debbie. ms. nude america appears in a tv interview. what might she be wearing? >> lingerie? john: lingerie? they want more specific. >> how about a thong? john: a thong. [cheers] >> oh! john: a thong. [cheers] >> whoo! john: i know. all right, you have no strikes. you got four more answers up there. >> how about
-- america is in serious problems with respect to health care. virtually every other developed country has a better system than we do. ours is costly. in places it's ineffective. it's deeply troubled. the time has come to really see that people who have no insurance can get insurance. now, the good part about this bill is that it is structured so that it is phased in. so that over time we can watch it. we can change it. for example, this next year, small business tax credits go in place and $5 billion is available for insurance for those who have been denied because of preconditions. so these people will be able to get insurance right away. things like the exchange and the public option come on line on 2014. so the bill, in a sense, is incremental. we can watch it. we can change it. the important thing is that we debate it. there be a free flow of amendments. that some will pass, some will fall. the bill will go to conference. it has to be reconciled with the house bill. so we're at the beginning now of what is a great national and key debate. >> senator lieberman, let me pick up with wher
in the climate change summit. china, america, and india still undecided. leaders will get what is needed. india's economy gives it more global clout. we will be looking at what that means when its prime minister meets president obama. the man in charge of britain's iraq war inquiry promises a full account. more than a dozen missing after sunday's disaster in indonesia. officials say the vessel was overloaded. >> it is 7:00 a.m. in washington, midday in london, and 11:00 p.m. in the australian capital, where the prime minister has been speaking to the bbc about next month's climate change summit. it is billed as a make or break even the leaders of india, china, and america have not bought their ticket yet. without them, what is possible? >> we're working toward a copenhagen agreement. this is a tough process. forging an agreement across so many different countries is a difficult process. having discussed this atlanta with the prime minister of denmark, the president of the united states, and some discussions with the chinese president, we have the capacity to lead an agreement at copenhagen. one
america. she's our voice. >> why is that, can you explain for about that. >> everything she says, pertains to the middle people, she is dynamic, she is for middle america. she is... knows the issues. and i think that she is going to represent us more than we apt. >> when you say middle america, what do you mean. >> just the commoners. people who don't know where to go, to get information. don't know where to go, to have representation. i think that she will be their voice. >> and did you vote for mccain-palin in '08. >> by all means, i did. i did. >> so why do you think they didn't win the election? >> i think there was too much outside influence and i don't think that she was given the opportunity. i think there were too many people that were strategizing and kept her from speaking out. >> a number of people i talked to seem to be upset about how she is treated by the media. would you agree and what would you say about that. >> i think she was treated unfairly. i think that she should have been able to speak more openly, and, have her own platform. >> and are you a lifelong republican? >>
that country is increasingly more important to america. and why they may not be listening quite as closely to if u.s. as they used to. and safe at home, playing ball with joe torre, and he will talk about his foundation and success and a little bit of baseball as well. the "wall street journal report" begins right now. >> this is america's number one financial news program, the "wall street journal report." now, maria bartiromo. >>> here's a look at what's making news. as we head into a new week on wall street, the american consumer may be in slightly better shape than many experts thought. retail sales for the month of october were released this week and an increase of 1.4%, nearly double what economists were looking for. that's important because consumers make up about 70% of the u.s. economy. the data helped push the markets up to a 13 month high on monday. they nudged higher again on tuesday but fell mid-week on weak economic data. there was mixed news on the inflation front. the producer price index which measure wholesale prices rose more slowly than expected. up .03% which points to
consult with from time to time, democracy for america, which showed that a very significant number of democrats would be much less likely to vote for senator lincoln if they knew she was opposed to the public option or if she were to filibuster the bill. so people are not looking for people to filibuster the bill. it's one thing -- if you happen to vote against the public option, we can disagree. you certainly have every right to vote against the public option. what you don't have a right to do if you're caucusing with the democratic party and you're on a committee because of the democratic party is vote against your majority leader as he tries to conduct the business of the senate. that you don't have a right to do. you don't have a right to do is to stop the american people from considering this bill. or stop the senate from considering this bill. >> governor dean, do you think that these four senators can call themselves democrats when it's, you know, it's written right in the party platform? universal health care for all americans? >> look, there's plenty of room to disagree wi
. >> it is more than six years as britain and america sent forces to topple the government of saddam hussein. it was one of the most controversial foreign-policy decisions of recent decades. >> we will stand up for what we know to be right. >> then-prime minister tony blair believes passionately the war was justified. >> others thought differently, and hundreds of thousands marched in the streets of britain in protest. now five privy councilors, all appointed by downing street, will investigate how and why britain went to war. they insist they are not government's placement. they say the inquiry will not be a whitewash. >> when you set up an independent inquiry of this sort, you said the members free to do what they will. our determination is to do, not merely a thorough job, but one that is frank and will bear public scrutiny. >> inquiry will hear from key witnesses, people like the former ambassador to the united nations, the former chairman of the political committee empowered chief of mi6, and the chief of mi6 a the time of invasion. examinations show there were critical shortcomings. on
's a look at some other stories making news early today in america. >>> a bank robber in ohio apparently tried to eat his way out of trouble. dash cam video she's them searching this cuffed bandit when they put the note on the car. the suspect then leans over and eats the note. authorities found a bag of money with an exploded dye pack in that man's car. >>> in west virginia, a 9-year-old boy successfully stopped an adult car jacker. the boy's mother left her kids and the keys in the car when she went into a convenience store. a man got in the car to steal it, but that brave boy grabbed the keys, ran to the store for help. the suspect tried to escape but was caught by police. >>> residents in florida spotted an acknowledge i'll monkey on the loose. animal control has been trying to capture this elusive animal, but they haven't been able to catch it. so far the monkey avoided tranquilizer shots and traps. still on the loose. >>> a major piece of michael jackson history went up for auction in new york. fans had the opportunity to walk away with the spkling whi glove when he debuted the moo
's "assignment america." captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with katie couric. >> couric: and good evening, everyone. we begin tonight with a story sure to affect millions of american families: the biggest recall of baby cribs in u.s. history. more than two million cribs with drop-downsides made by the kay canadian company stork craft. the consumer product safety commission says the defect in these cribs is linked to four deaths and over the past decade this type of crib has been blamed for dozens of deaths. our the "early show" consumer reporter susan koeppen has details. >> reporter: michelle it witte thought her son tyler was safely tucked into his crib but when she went back to check on him... >> i immediately fell to my knees and started screaming. >> reporter: the crib she considered to be tyler's safe haven had turned out to be a death trap. he has been sleeping in a crib with the drop-down side. somehow his head got stuck in a gap between the side rail and head board. >> to see the horrific sight of him strangled between the head board and side rail of his crib wa
>>> good morning, america. on this monday, november 23rd, the radiation scare at the three mile island nuclear plant. 150 workers evacuated and we're live on the scene to tell you how it happened. >>> senate showdown on health care. this time, will the democrats fight each other? will they wrap it up by christmas? we have some answers on health care this morning. >>> the doctor in the michael jackson case goes back to work today seeing patients and a tearful show of support. >>> and television without oprah? gayle king is here to tell us why her best friend decided to end the 25-year reign of her show. >>> and "twilight" mania, gigantic box office, young girls and their moms. does this prove no sex is really what sells? and good morning, america. welcome to thanksgiving week. diane sawyer here with robin roberts. and we have been talking about that radiation leak on three mile island that caused real concern over the weekend. >> real panic in some ways. 20 workers were exposed to radiation and had to be decontaminated. while the company in charge says the public was never in any
feinstein says the system is in need for an overhaul. >> america's in serious problems with respect to health care. we virtually every other developed country has a better system than we do. ours is costly in places it's ineffective, deeply troubled, and the time has come to really see that people who have no insurance can get insurance. >> well, the senate's top republican says democrats are taking an arrogant approach to hx health care reform. democrats are ignoring the will of the people. >> on a scale of one to ten, likelihood the senate will pass a health care legislation this year and congress will send the president a bill before the state of the un you address next year? >> we don't often ignore the wishes of the american people. they are screaming, many, telling us, please don't pass this, don't pass this bill. if the majority is hellbent on ignoring wishes of the american people, they have 60 votes in the senate. you would think that they might be able to do this, but i believe there are a number of democratic senators who do care what the american people think and are not
on c-span, the look on politics in america from the bipartisan policy center. what is there in politics, the role of the media, and assessing the obama presidency. tuesday night, the first state dinner, as president obama welcomes indian prime minister manmohan singh. and american icons, three nights of c-span documentary's, beginning with "the supreme court" on thursday night. >> now to a conference held by the american council on renewable energy. speakers include jeff bingaman and carol browner. this is about an hour and 40 minutes. on renewable energy. it is 1 hour 10 minutes. >> good morning. good morning, everyone. welcome to the ai8th , yes it is the eighth. we are at the eight global energy in america of national policy conference, the sixth time in this room. what an honor it is to hold this annual review and think about where we are going in renewable energy in america. thank you for coming and i hope you enjoyed this day. believe it or not, that is a symbol of the danish embassy, the embassy of denmark, where we will have a reception this evening. it is a great place to go fr
it is to come back again. and now time has flown. and we're at the eighth. energy in america national policy conference, and what an honor it is to hold this annual review and think about where we're going in renewable energy in america here in the cannon caucus room. thank you for coming, and i hope you enjoy this day. i want to start by thanking the sponsors that have helped us produce the conference, ge and dow corning and next era energy and verizon. and believe it or not, that's the symbol of the danish embassy, the embassy of denmark, where we'll have a reception this evening. and thanks to ambassador peterson for being our host for that. it's a great place to go from here to think about where we're going next in copenhagen. and all of the other sponsors, berlin and smud, lockheed martin is in our space, the largest government contractor in the world, clean edge and ethanol biomass and biodiesel, all these other companies helped produce this, and we thank them. to begin, let me remind us that the theory of this conference is called phase ii, and what does that mean? well, in 19 -- in 2
. delicious dunkin' donuts coffee -- pick some up to brew at home. america runs on dunkin'. >> and with the humane society. we have beautiful cats. awiting for you to adopt them. good morning, washington. >> good morning, washinton. we are mixing signals on a monday. we have to get it together. 10 minutes after the hour. time for your traffic and the weather every 10 minutes. >> an important travel week ahead. we don't want any sticky situations. >> in the heartland and the midwest there will be the travel concerns by mid-week. this morning there's some light rain pushing into the area. doppler radar shows showers creeping into southern culpeper coming up 29 this morning. otherwise, some drizzle in the metro area inside the beltway. we are in the mid 40's to about 50. a purported's to near 50's at lunchtime -- temperatures from the upper 40's to the near 50's inear 50. >> at new york avenue there was an accident, but that has cleared. on 66 inside the beltway, running nicely east and west bound. let's look at 395. those delays are northbound in land park. near the pentago
weekend. god bless america. host: about 15 more minutes of your calls on who has the bigger influence in washington? constituents or lobbyists? here this headline, the catholic bishops flex their muscles at the opportunities ahead. emboldened by success and inserting restrictive abortion language and to the house healthcare bill, roman catholic bishops said they have found of the model that could provide the latter voice in future policy debates. inside this story, i will turn the page and go little deeper into this story -- they write, churches strategic decisions are significant because with catholics representing 30%, the largest single religious group among members of congress, it can gain access across party lines. while pressuring democratic leaders to adjust to the abortion coverage language earlier this month and the bishops simultaneously contacted republican members and warned them against using procedural tactics to torpedo an amendment. a related story this morning about patrick kennedy. the bishop in rhode island -- this is in "the new york daily news" -- the bishop bent
, the president and congress are moving forward... with reform that includes the best ideas. backed by america's physicians. nurse leaders and nurse practitioners. america's hospitals. prohibiting cuts to medicare benefits. protecting your choice of health care professional. covering preventive care, and closing the prescription gap, to reduce out-of-pocket costs. ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] arthritis targets your body where it's weak. where it's vulnerable. ♪ tylenol arthritis works with your body to block the pain, without interfering with certain high blood pressure medicines like aleve sometimes can. ♪ so you don't just feel better, you feel better knowing doctors recommend tylenol more than any other brand of pain reliever. ♪ >>> back to "hardball" and time for the sideshow. well, thaths giving is coming, and nothing says the holiday season like dick cheney! he's picked out a conservative radio talk show guy to offer up some nasty november thoughts about the president. he says that ceremonial bow to the emperor of japan was not just wrong, but harmful. he says the president just do
tells "good morning america" she believes the drug saved his life. her child is autistic. a doctor prescribed the treatment, one small browny every few days. she says she has to do something because her son was losing weight and behavior increasingly self-destructive. listen. >> he was extremely aggressive. he would run out of our home. >> he was a danger? >> yes. a danger to himself and others. >> and how soon after you gave him this did it change? >> with hours. with hours he had requested food that we had never seen him eat before. his demeanor had changed. he was calm. >> i know, but listen -- listen to the other side. all right jt a child psychologist tells abc marijuana can trigger mental disorrers in children saying there is no evidence that has any positive effect on autism. >>> if you have a facebook account, listen up. why 0 woman 7 vacation pictures on facebook may have caused her to lose her insurance benefits. >>> listen to this. a canadian woman's facebook page may have caused her to lose some insurance benefits. she was getting sick leave payments for depression. she
, and an attorney for one of the 9/11 terrorists wants to use his trial as a platform to criticize america. former governor and presidential candidate, howard dean will be along. and the wild card independent from vermont, burny sanders. he says no yes vote for him. and plus, congressman tom rooney who worked as a jag officer will say if the shootings at ft. hood was a terrorists attack. this is the "morning meeting." welcome to it. lots to get to this morning. here is the panel hoping to break it all down. savannah guthrie, and jim miklaszewski, and then jonathan capehart, and then margaret carlson here for the hour, and political columnists for bloomberg news, and steven dubner, and we will talk job creation for him later in the show. first up, the senate sweeteners to get health care over to the next bill. and long time holdout, mary landrieu getting money to help louisiana pay for the poor. and then she said, what the heck, it's a yes vote. and then favor trading. not a new thing in washington, d.c. put it in context? >> reporter: what is interesting, it's a $300 million vote that only gets yo
and a congressman from america's most famous catholic family. plus, a radiation leak at a u.s. nuclear power plant. what are officials say about the incident at three-mile island? >> does anyone want to wait weight. i don't think so. >> if reporting your weight would helwith insurance help? would you. getting something back in this economy? that's hard to find. ♪ earn holiday rewards at giant, every time you use your card. earn one point for every dollar you spend. good for up to 20% off a future shopping trip. redeem your points and start earning again. only with your giant card. makes me feel great when i find a rewards program that really works. i love seeing all that savings racking up. that's my favorite part of the trip. >> in order to trim health care costs, one country is making residents trim their waist lynn. in japan it is illegal to have a waist line over a certain limit, and vitalors could end up paying more for health shaurns. >> whether or not you spend hours at the gym working to trim your waist line, would you be willing to tell your measurements? >> if you measured me right now
>>> making news in america this morning. >> deep division. senators take sides in the debate over health care reform. >> a show of military force is under way right now in iran. more games. sending a strong message to israel and the u.s. >>> whitney's return. ♪ ♪ you know i survive -- >> a major pfoance for a struggling star who collects a top award at the american music awards. >>> it's monday, november 23rd, 2009. >> and we'll get to whitney and other award winners in a bit but first on this monday a look at health care. democrats won't have long to savor their weekend victory. >> they managed to get the bill to the full senate sometime after thanksgiving but the battle lines are already being drawn over what's in the bill. by a 60-39 vote in weekend senate democrats advanced health care legislation and took one giant step forward toward president obama's goal of health care reform. the vote now moves the debate from committee to the senate floor. >> the important thing is that we debate it, that there be a free flow of amendments, that some will pass, some will fall. >> rep
of the country, particularly rural america, where if you want to sign up for broadband, there are literally no options at all. we see that at about 10% of the country, and that is a gap, an issue that we'll be trying to address as part of this plan. second, there is an adoption challenge. so in the bulk of the country that does have access to broadband, the percentage of americans that, that don't use it is too high. generally, across the country it's about 40% of americans who don't use broadband, who don't sign up for broadband, and even more troublingly, in certain communities that percentage is much higher, closer to 60 or even 65%. among low-income americans, among the elderly, in rural america, among our seniors. and that's the reasonable challenge. we can come back and talk about why, if you'd like, but the costs of not being on our broadband infrastructure are growing in our digital economy. the third thing that congress and the president asked us to look at is what the statute calls national purposes. making sure that we have a strategy so that broadband helps us succeed on a whole
the past two years. last year alone we invested more than any other public company in america. and at at&t we support a national plan that makes high speed internet available to every american family in the next five years - because we know that now is not the time to stall momentum or to stifle innovation or investment. the future is at stake, and at at&t, the future has always been and at at&t, the future has always been our business. at&t... your world... delivered. of pillsbury cinnamon rolls bring everyone to the table in their sunday best >>> drivers who want to cross smoke pass along interstate 90 in washington state overnight have been required to put traction devices like snow chains on they vehicles. the pass got more than a half foot of snow on sunday. >> a light day for them out there in snoqualmie. >> i am sure the ski resorted are excited but you have to get there. >> for us we will get a little colder later this week and we will take the first week of december so i'm hoping the next few weeks our areas will be turning on the chair lifts. >> what's wrong with that? >> is it
-- i'm stopped at a red light-- number one and best-selling real estate book in america for about 18 months, be a real estate millionaire. just so you know, on this show today, i'm gonna show you how to get that free. and there's another special report, 'cause the number one thing people say to me, "dean, can you really do it with no money?" or "is there any money available?" listen, i did this special report. i put experts together, created a- a special report called "find funding right now." there's more money available right now than you could ever imagine. think about it. barack obama has put hundreds of billions of dollars into the economy to stimulate purchases, to stimulate buying houses, to stimulate all this bad debt to turn around, and you're alive during the greatest time in history to make money. think about it. the real estate market was up here. it's fallen over the last couple of years, straight down. we've hit bottom. now we have an economy that's starting to see some light. at least they- the media is saying that, and perception becomes reality. so you think about it
portfolio prepared for that eventuality. >> all right. well, we're not in the buy america camp here, but, okay. happy thanksgiving. >>> we're on the way to the final countdown on the other side of the break. at least for today we will have a sharply higher open for dollar denominated stock on the big board. >>> you are watching cnbc "squawk on the street." we are in downtown manhattan, financial capital of the world. the opening bell is going to ring in just about -- just under four minutes. >>> welcome back, folks. in the headlines at this hour, gold if you haven't heard, yet another new high. $1170 an ounce is behind us now. and the national association of business economists are calling for growth in 2010. and they say that companys will start hiring again, albeit slowly. >>> soup isn't just good food, it may be a good investment. campbell's with a profit last quarter up 17%. >> as we count you down to the opening bell, joining us from the cme group is george kachut,broker with the rnb group. we have a little bit of a laugh at your expense. okay. what are we looking at today. does it
've been watching what's happening in corporate america right now. kraft foods reportedly saying it may raise its offer for cadbury or maybe offer more cash in its bid if rival takeover offers emerge. hershey's, which is -- hershey and italy's fererro are all now considering bids. cadbury's chairman would prefer a merge with hershey rather than kraft, which is understandable since kraft went hostile. but he also was quick to caution that both bids could fail if they're not generous enough. i think they're talking about more than $17 billion. something like 750 pence, they are looking at 800 pence per share is more likely deal they'd consider. >> this was out over the weekend, ken lewis would consider postponing retirement if directors need him to have more of a bridge to find a succe successor. "the journal" says he has no plans tobacktrack, but he's indicating he could act as a bridge until a successor is found. the bank has been having a difficult time finding a replacement. >>> 124 u.s. banks have failed this year. regulators shutting down commerce bank on southwest florida on friday
in america and europe. >> lehrer: and jeffrey brown presents images of the great depression through the lens of photographer dorothea lange. >> she developed an understanding that you would have much more power in the photographs because she features people. major funding for the newshour with jim lehrer is provided by: >> what the world needs now is energy. the energy to get the economy humming again. the energy to tackle challenges like climate change. what if that energy came from an energy company? every day, chevron invests $62 million in people, in ideas-- seeking, teaching, building. fueling growth around the world to move us all ahead. this is the power of human energy. chevron. >> we are intel, sponsors of tomorrow. >> and by wells fargo advisors. together, we'll go far. bnsf railway. and by toyota. and monsanto. the national science foundation. supporting education and research across all fields of science and engineering. and with the ongoing support of these institutions and foundations. and... this program was made possible by the corporation for public broadcasting. and by cont
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as for the banks that i own for the charitable trust. again, wells fargo and bank of america. the housing bears throw back in your face the terrible new home sales, the horrible housing starts, and that's just plain dumb. my whole bottom thesis was predicated on two points -- low mortgage rates -- and we've got the lowest. and a price reduction in homes to the point where home builders can't afford to build new ones. again, that's why i hit the home builders and why the thesis is work. existing home inventories are going down in an orderly fashion, causing the stabilization i have been talking about. so when the bears come one a new excuse, the shadow inventory not to buy these stocks, when they say that strong existing home sales don't matter because of the bugaboo of the shadow inventory lurking on the bank's balance sheets, i want you to think about regulatory forbearance. no forced home sales coming. and i want to show you what you have missed if you've listened to these bears so far and ignored my call. in other words, what i'm going to show you is the truth. i'm going to show you what the
, down nearly 9%. merrill lynch bank of america raised earnings expectations through 2010. the analysts telling clients that amazon should continue to benefit this holiday season from the shift toward online shopping. amazon shares up 2.5% tonight. >>> deere upgraded by morgan stanley, to 64, up from 48, citing higher corn prices and improving demand for farm equipment in the united states. >>> retailers in the home stretch, leading up to black friday, the day after thanksgiving in the u.s. a critical day for the industry right now. and certainly a critical time across the board. jane wells is in los angeles right now with more on the company's gearing up and how they are gearing up for the potential of a holiday price war. jane? >> reporter: yeah, they're calling it store wars. the group says only 12% of shoppers plan to start their holiday shopping next weekend. they said most plan to wait. that hasn't stopped retailers from doing everything to get you into stores now. e-mailing directly to consumers. best buy promoting a camcorder for 150 bucks. a 32-inch samsung tv for under $400. a
catholic church in america is split on this, including many of the bishops. the church documents adopted by the u.s. catholic conference of bishops in 2004 and 2006 clearly give bishop tobin the right to talk to mr. kennedy about his receiving communion, if he's fully in favor of a moral position that the church feels is absolutely critical to the moral life of catholics, which is the right to life and opposition to abortion. there are many catholics, including some bishops, who seem very uncertain as to whether or not eucharist, receiving holy communion should be used as a weapon in what is essentially a political battle. bishop tobin by those documents has the right to say to mr. kennedy what he said, and there are some bishops who would back him up. but it's not first time this has happened. >> right. >> archbishop nellman suggested to kathleen sebelius that she not receive communion. that's in kansas city. archbishop in denver told mr. biden, joe biden, that he should not receive communion in the archdiocese of denver during the convention. bishop martino, former bishop of scranton,
're not telling me who guided to back ? everybody in america gets 0 interest loans. >> we would have a very different america. i tell you, the new york fed actually is extending more money and had more open plans to the banking system. we are talking about the 2 trillion. altman the there was about 6 trillion worth of facilities created, much of went to the new york fed. they don't necessarily aggregate. their is a lot of other stuff that isn't even your being looked at. >> to knows about this? >> it is causing a public. not what collateral has been posted and what banks have received blood money. you are trying to get to the bottom of that information. but when those facilities were open, when they were created. it wasn't a big media press release. there is information you can see from digging through the web sites. >> you can do it. >> no. you can't do it. there is no way you can go on a fed website or treasury web site. what did you spend? when did disbanded? there is no report that exists like that. >> all right. i'm going to put you on the spot. based on his record as head of the new y
hosting "football night in america," beginning at 7:00 eastern and 4:00 pacific. final score tonight, 24-20, philadelphia over chicago. until next sunday, al michaels and cris collinsworth and andrea kremer and our entire nbc sports crew saying good night from chicago. . -- captions by vitac -- www.vitac.com >> colts beat the ravens. giving the former ravens straight ahead. >> the suspect in a >> the ravens kicked 5-6 today. it's the game winning foot of the former raven. >> we are talking about matt stover. it was another perfect performance from the former raven. live in the stud yoe about husband return. >> on a field where he delivered so many incredible memories for ravens fans. there he was giving hi
in america. from the bipartisan policy center. topics include next year's midterm elections and a mid look ahead to 2012. what is fair in politics, the role of the media, and assessing the obama presidency. also, tuesday night, the first state dinner as president obama welcomes indian prime minister singh. american icons, beginning with the supreme court, wednesday night. >> again, standing by for the arrival of the indian prime minister, manmohan singh, speaking with business leaders at the u.s. chamber of commerce. he will be introduced by the group's president and ceo, thomas donahue. live coverage on c-span. >> ladies and gentlemen, please take your seats as soon as possible. thank you. please take your seats as soon as possible. thank you. >> it is and gentlemen, welcome to the chamber of commerce of the united states of america. my name is ron summers of the u.s.-india business council. for 34 years we have strived to advance u.s.-india commercial ties. today, what a historic event we have before us. more than ever, the business communities of both our countries are needed to provide
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that she represents most of the things that the left in this country want to change about america. they do not like her forthright christianity. they do not like the fact that she is not a member of the feminist establishment. in fact she disagrees with much of mainstream feminism. they do not like that she is representing the people who are left out of the obama revolution. the job a plumber -- joe the plubmer's of the worlds. people without elite scholarships and agrees. host: we are talking with matthew continetti on his new book, "the persecution of sarah palin," in which you talk about some of these rumors and lies. who were the biggest offenders? oguest: there were quite a few. "the new york times brandy issue of the alaskan independence party on its front pages. if you go to the museum -- newseum and look at the front pages of the nation's newspapers in 2008, it was filled with the pregnancy of her eldest daughter. this does not strike me as front-page news, certainly not something to be fronted without any consideration of the fact that it has on the family, the girl, or that it ha
one of america's best selections of cars, trucks and suvs. click on buy@toyota.com. now it's time for what we've been waiting for all morning. the mammoth manic monday meltdown. ♪ >>> the beginning of the half hour leading up to the finest five minutes of television in the united states of america. let's throw it to ron matz live at fells point. >> reporter: good morning, how are you guys doing on this fabulous monday morning? >> we're doing fantastic. [cheering and applause] >> reporter: in this segment we'll meet all the folks who have been kind enough to come down here this morning. all right... everybody... let's, we want to meet folks and we want everybody to hear. how are you? >> i'm casey from the casey garris foundation. >> reporter: thanks for coming down. excellent. your name, sir? >> i'd be bobby nick. >> reporter: good to see you. who do we have here? >> i'm mary. this is the volunteer fire department juniors. we want to give you our 65th anniversary shirt. >> reporter: in another year, that's where i'm going to be. good to see you. who do we have right here? >> mack
they said up next. with the verizon quad play. call now and you'll get verizon wireless, america's most reliable wireless network - plus mind- blowing verizon fios tv - plus lightning- fast fios internet - plus unlimited nationwide calling - all together for an insanely low $134.99 monthly access with one year agreements. it's a bundle you can't get with cable. call now and we'll add a special bonus: $150 back. it adds up to the deal of the year. there's only one thing that doesn't add up: staying with cable. we've put them all together so you can save more than ever - verizon wireless, plus fios tv, plus fios internet, plus home phone - save $14.99 a month. call now and we'll add $150 back. pick the phone and save. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v >> prosecutors have asked that american students amanda knox spend life behind bars if she's convicted of the murder of ms. kirschner. >> prosecutors have insisted that she hated meredith kirschner and stabbed her in the
to protect themselves this holiday season. >> she is wowing america on "dancing with the stars." tough call. dealer: well, during the volkswagen sign then drive event you can get a jetta, tiguan or award winning cc for practically just your signature. and volkswagen even covers scheduled maintenance at no cost. it can't be that easy... that was pretty easy. >>> a local man needs a life- saving bone marrow transplant from his brother. >> but maryland leaders will not allow the brother to be let into the state. >> the brother is in prison in oklahoma finishing up his sentence on drug charges. >> now, we sit and hope. >> all he and his wife can do is wait and hope that some well -- that somehow, someone will clear away the bureaucratic cloud. he is fighting a rare form of leukemia that right now is in remission. his only hope of survival is to undergo a bone marrow transplant as soon as possible. they have a perfect match, his younger brother who is in prison in oklahoma. >> he is as close as a twin brother would be or as almost as a twin brother would be. that greatly increases my chances of
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